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Long-Term Effects of Flooding

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Image from ran a story on June 22 that focused on the long-term effects of the Missouri River flooding. Catherine Crane reported that the Army Corp of Engineers says thousands of acres could be underwater for months. University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension teacher, Tom Dorn, says that he can’t remember a flood with the capability of leaving fields soaked for such a long time: “It could be a long-term situation–10, 20, maybe more years,” said Dorn.

Mr. Dorn states that the flood waters can move trash and sand into fields. Dorn relays that sandy fields produce lower crop yields and will require more supplementation to return to normal yields. According to the news piece, “the damage goes beyond a year’s loss.”

Catherine Crane reports, “The flood of 2011 is one that farmers up and down the Missouri River will remember long after the river recedes and the fields dry up. It’s a mess they could be dealing with for decades.” But she reminds her listening audience that according to Dorn, “Every farmer’s situation will be different and soil quality will vary from acre to acre,” meaning that the outcome is unpredictable for growers who may have to wait months to see what the flood waters leave behind.

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